Transmission breakdown is a nightmare to many drivers. None of the drivers may want to ever have a transmission breakdown again. The transmission of a vehicle is mostly associated with the hydraulic fluid. The levels of this fluid must be checked regularly. The fluid enhances the transmission and also helps in lubricating and cooling the entire transmission system. Allowing the fluid to go below a certain level transmission becomes a problem. However, before topping it up check out with your manufacturers to recommend to you a fluid to use. First before we go to how to prevent the problem let’s first find out what causes it. It is a valid way of coming up with the best solution.

  • Leaking of the hydraulic fluid or low levels
  • Problematic clutch
  • Torque converter hitches
  • Solenoid snags

Now that we know what causes the transmission problem we can easily tackle the problem. You need first to consult a professional from a transmission service.

Use the recommended Fluid

The fluid levels of your car will definitely drop. You may be tempted to use any other hydraulic fluid especially when you are in a desperate situation. Please don’t. It may make your transmission problems bigger. Always use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle. They know the most appropriate fluid that will not lead to anymore transmission problems. A fluid that is compatible with your system.

Never overfill the Transmission

Before refilling the transmission make sure to read the manual on how to step-by step handle the issue. This is to prevent pouring the fluid in the wrong manner or overfilling it. This may cause the fluid to foam reducing its lubricating power. When the fluid fails to lubricate the system there will be other problems that come along due to lack of enough lubrication to the system.

Don’t overheat your Transmission/use External Coolers

Heat damages the fluid and makes it ineffective. Never expose the transmission to excess heat, the external cooler is an important asset especially when your transmission is likely to be exposed to excess heat. Transmission service Mississauga experts who are always available to serve you can help you know better about how to install the external cooler and keep the high temperatures away from your transmission.

Allow your Vehicle to warm up especially when it is very Cold

If you normally go to work early in the morning when it is still very cold or you live in very cold places around the world consider warming up the engine which in turn warms up the transmission for effective results and avoiding transmission problems.

If stuck in Mud or Ice avoid rocking between Gears

Rocking between gears strains the transmission system which may compromise how it works. When stuck make sure if you have to rock gentle between gears. Only change the gears when the wheels have stopped turning.

Get any Trouble checked by a Professional

If you start to experience any problems with the transmission consult an expert. They will guide you on what to do. You need enough transmission care to avoid future problems. At Transmission service Mississauga we got you covered.


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