Drive Shafts and Balancing

drive shaft

Many car owners and drivers drive their cars without knowing most of its composition. Not knowing the components of the car is not a crime; sometimes it’s important for drivers to learn a few parts of their vehicle as it helps in the maintenance of the car and fast diagnostics in case of a problem. Enlightening drivers about the functions of a car and early diagnostics is one of the service experts at drive shafts and balancing Mississauga excel in.


What does a driveshaft entail?

According to the drive shafts and balancing repair Mississauga mechanics, the drive shaft is a cylindrical shaft that acts as a linkage to transmit torque from the engine to the wheels of the car. The drive shaft is a common thing with rear wheel drive vehicles. As the output shaft of the motor rotates the driveshaft spins and in turn, turns the differential ring gear which finally rotates the wheels.

Drive shafts rotate at very high speeds to turn the wheels, and for this reason, the drive shaft has to be precisely balanced by experts to ensure the transmission from the engine to the wheels is not affected. If the driveshaft is not perfectly balanced, it causes problems with the car affecting the overall drivability of the car.


Symptoms of a driveshaft that needs balancing

The most common symptom associated with an unbalanced driveshaft is vibrations coming from underneath the vehicle. The vibrations from underneath the car are usually a result of bushing or U-joint wearing out thus causing the driveshaft to vibrate intensively.

After a Drive Shafts and Balancing service Mississauga  repair the driveshaft is typically precisely balanced ensuring no vibration to the driveshaft. It is, therefore, important to note that even the slightest amount of vibration from the driveshaft is an indication of a problem to the driveshaft and should be checked by a qualified mechanic as soon as possible.

A vibrating driveshaft is not only a nuisance to the passengers in the car, but it can also cause accelerated wear to other important parts of the car leading to other worse issues which could prove very expensive to fix. Before a minor driveshaft imbalance become a danger to your vehicle, it’s important to visit a Drive Shafts and Balancing shop Mississauga and have the drive shaft checked by qualified mechanics.

Another one of the Drive Shafts and Balancing troubles is the abnormal noises from underneath the car. Due to wear and tear in the bushing or bearing supporting the drive shaft, the U-joint can wear out causing interference with the driveshaft’s ability to rotate properly thus affecting the drivability of the car to a very great extent. This wear of the U-joint can lead to scraping sounds, strange rattling or even clunking from underneath the car. Any of these noises is a clear indication of a vehicle that requires driveshaft balancing.

Drivers with vehicles using rear wheel drive and are equipped with the driveshaft ought to realize that the driveshaft is a very vital part of the car and any issue associated with the driveshaft can significantly affect the drivability of the car.  As drive shafts are underneath the car, it becomes had to access them and service on one’s own. If the driver suspects a driveshaft problem, it is important to inquire of the Drive Shafts and Balancing fix Mississauga from qualified mechanics. These mechanics will be able to get down there and service the car stopping the problem before it becomes worse



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