Manual/Standard Transmission

manual transmission

Over the recent years, the number of vehicles on the road with manual/standard transmission has drastically reduced. According to research, in 1985, 35 percent of vehicles were using the manual/standard transmission but as of 2016, only 10 percent of vehicles were still on a manual transmission.


Drivers who have stuck with the manual transmission system more often than not report better car handling and increase fuel mileage. Also, other also say that with the manual transmission the cost of vehicle maintenance is significantly reduced.


Any machine that has advantages also has its downfall and manual transmission also has some issues unique to its type. Let us find out some of the vehicle transmission problems that pertain to manual transmission.


Some of the transmission issues unique to manual/standard transmission

Clutch slips

On a manual transmissions type of engine, the work of the clutch is to transfer power from the engine to the transmission; the clutch also helps the driver to switch between the available gears. When a clutch slip occurs the engines revs but the car fails to move as it should or sometimes doesn’t move at all. Clutch slips are usually an indication of a worn out clutch or clutch pedal.


The most common solution to this problem is usually to remove the transmission and replace the clutch, which consists of bearing, flywheel, and the pressure plate. At Manual Transmission shop Mississauga we have experts who can do a recommendable job.


Not changing fluids / Fluid leaks

Just like with automatic transmission it is important to constantly check and replace the transmission fluids on a manual/standard transmission. Many people tend to forget to change or even check the fluids on standard transmission thus leading to leakages. Constant checks on the transmission fluids help in mitigating some of the common hydraulic failures.


Unlike older standard transmission vehicles that used cables for linkage, the modern transmission cars use hydraulic lines. In the event of fluid leakage, the clutch mechanism is profoundly affected, and the car at large becomes a dangerous vehicle on the road.


The solution to this problem is for standard/manual Transmission Mississauga drivers to ensure that the transmission fluids are checked every so often or as specified by the manufacturer.


Trouble getting into gear

As mentioned earlier one of the problems associated with the manual transmission, vehicles is the clutch slips. Just like the clutch slips another sign of a worn out or defective clutch system is the trouble in shifting gears. Trouble in shifting gears indicated and internal or external problem in the transmission unit caused mainly by wear and tear. Other times trouble getting into gear could be a sign of wrong transmission fluids in the transmission chambers.


The solution to this is to ensure that the car gets regular service, and the clutch mechanism is checked to ensure no worn out parts. Also, the driver should make sure that anytime the fluid is being changed the specified transmission should always be used. Wrong fluid could cause harm to the car.


Tip for standard /manual transmission drivers

The best way to keep a manual transmission car working in its optimum condition is by operating it as specified. Most drivers will start off on the second or sometimes even the third gear just because they are tired of shifting or skip gears every once in awhile. Ensure that the proper system of gears engagement is used.


In case you suspect that your vehicle transmission problems are getting out of hand don’t hesitate to contact Mississauga Transmission.


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