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automatic transmission

An automatic transmission is one of a car’s transmissions that is responsible for changing gears automatically. As this happens the driver is provided with different speed and torque ranges when driving. The most popular type of automatic transmission is the hydraulic automatic transmission. Here there is no friction clutch and what we have instead is fluid coupling. Gear changes are as a result of hydraulic locking and the unlocking of planetary gears. Vehicles with fixed engine speeds or limited speed ranges for instance forklifts only have a torque converter that enables gearing.


Purpose of automatic transmission


So why is vehicle transmission important?  Well first of all without transmission, vehicles would only have a single gear ratio. As a driver you would then have to select the gear ratio that would match with your speed. Unfortunately this will send your engine screaming and soon your car would be in a deplorable state and eventually undrivable.


Transmission ensures that your gears use the torques in the engine appropriately and that the engine is working at normal speed.


What is the difference between manual and automatic transmission


In order to achieve different gear ratios manual transmission locks and unlock different gear sets so that the output shaft can deliver the desired gear ratios. In automatic transmission all the different gear ratios are produced by a single gear set.


Signs that you need a car transmission fix Mississauga services


Your vehicle’s transmission is very crucial hence the need to know the tell signs of when things are going south. At Automatic Transmission Mississauga we let our customers know what they should look out for so that they do not have any transmission trouble. So what are the signs that you need a car fix?

  • Fluid leaks.  If there is any fluid on the garage floor or the drive way then you better have it checked out. Transmission fluid is crucial to shifting hence if it is leaking it will soon run low. The leak could be as a result of worn out gaskets or seals, the drive shaft is out of balance, damaged bell housings among other things.  Try out transmission repair Mississauga services for quality at an affordable rate.
  • Warning light is activated. If your car is modern then it comes with a warning light that is triggered whenever there is something wrong with the car. If this light comes on you better head on transmission shop Mississauga and get your transmission fluid levels checked.
  • Odd sounds.  If your vehicle transmission is automatic then your shifts should be unnoticeable but if you hear some humming or buzzing then it is time for you to let a professional handle it.
  • Strange smell.  If the transmission fluid odor is not sweet then you can be certain that it is burning up. You do not want this to happen because you will have to pay for a new transmission build which isn’t cheap at all.


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