We are leaders in transmission repair and have been serving Mississauga car owners for the past 31 years. Mississauga is the 6th largest Canadian city neighboring Lake Ontario and also the city of Toronto. This is a city full of parks and woodlands plus there is always a festival you can attend if you are not going to the several huge malls that the city hosts. With lots of places to see and things to do, a car in tip top condition is paramount and that is where Mississauga Transmission comes in.

Services offered by Mississauga Transmission

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmission is made up of components and systems designed to work in sync. Automatic transmission service Mississauga is inclusive of checking these systems to ensure that they are working as they are supposed to and that they are tip top condition.

We check the following components during automatic transmission service

  • Planetary gear sets
  • The hydraulic system
  • Clutches
  • Bands
  • Valve body
  • Oil pump
  • Torque converter
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Governor and modulator

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Manual/ Standard Transmission

Manual transmission enables the car to achieve the speed desired. This is of course with the use of the gears, clutch and shifter. All you need to do is push the clutch pedal at the same time you are letting off the gas. The clutch will disengage so that you can shift into a higher or lower gear.

Manual/Standard transmission Mississauga entails checking on the most problematic areas and correcting whatever is necessary.

Common manual transmission troubles that we handle

  • External seal leakage. This is a problem characterized by the clutch not coming back up after it goes down. It is not a complicated problem but it still has to be worked on since air has to be bled out of the system.
  • Not changing fluid.  It is advised that manual transmission fluid be replaced often. This is to ensure that the internal components are operating as they are supposed to. You should change your fluid after doing at least 50,000 miles. The other thing when it comes to Manual transmission Mississauga service is that we check for leaks. We advice all our clients to be checking their cars’ fluid level when conducting.

All Wheel Drive Transfer Cases

At Mississauga Transmission we also do all wheel drive transfer cases. We ensure that we do a thorough job when it comes to wheel drive transfer cases at Mississauga. This is so that you do not experience and problems due to failed wheel transfer cases. Some of the signs that your car shows when there are such fails are:

  • Grinding noises

You will hear grinding noises coming from underneath your car. These noises are as a result of metal grinding on metal since there is no lubrication. Contact us today for proper transfers.

  • Hard to shift gears

If there is a leak due to a broken seal the volume of the fluid inside the transmission is reduced. There is loss in pressure. The result is gears that are difficult to shift. For a proper car transmission fix contact all wheel drive transfer Mississauga services today.

Other vehicle transmission services offered by Mississauga Transmission

  • Clutch Assemblies and Hydraulic Systems
  • Differentials and Axles
  • Universal Joints
  • Drive Shafts and Balancing
  • CV Shafts
  • All Wheel Drive Transfer Cases
  • Wheel Bearings

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