CV Shafts

cv shaft

CV shafts also known as constant velocity joints or homokinetic are the driving shafts of vehicles. They transmit the power generated from the engine to the wheels. The CV shaft takes the power from the engine at a constant speed allowing movement through a changing angle without increase in friction or play.

The shafts normally transmit the power to the front wheels, however in most modern vehicles the shaft supplies the power to the rare wheels but the vehicle must have independent rear suspensions.

The two types of CV shafts are inboard and outboard. As the name suggests they are named according to their applications. The outboard shaft is normally close to the wheel whereas the inboard one is normally close to the transaxle.

In addition to the application, the type of a CV shaft also depends on its operating requirements. This yields to a fixed shaft which doesn’t move either side with the movement of the driveshaft and plunging CV shaft which allows movement of the driveshaft up to a distance of 40 mm.

What is the function of CV shafts?

Basically, the CV shaft takes up the power from the engine of the vehicles and evenly distributes it to the front tires, rear tires or all the tires at a constant speed.

CV joints enable a rotating shaft to move power through a changing angle at a non-changing rotational velocity without any increase in friction or play.

Signs of a bad or failing CV shaft

Considering the size of the CV shafts and the load they carry it is clear that they are vulnerable to wear and tear. This gives them a limited time of functioning due to contamination. However, it is easy to notice a malfunctioning CV shaft for the vehicle shows it all.

  • Trouble when making tight turns, U-turns or automatic parking
  • Squeaking sound that increases with decrease in speed
  • Vibrations that increase with speed and at times when the vehicle is just idling

How CV shaft repair is done

Repairing CV shafts is pivotal for comfort to the driver and ensures smooth rotation of the wheels. Therefore it is important to get the services at Mississauga. We offer the best at affordable prices.

We offer comprehensive services that include but not limited to replacing CV shafts, joints boots and axles for your vehicle.

 Mississauga Transmission ensures professional installation of bearings that give way to smooth movement of the shaft and the wheel. We solves all the transmission problems of your CV shaft. We replace the grease for you and ensure that the repaired shaft works for as long as possible.

 Mississauga Transmission offers affordable shafts, wheel bearings and lubricants of all sorts at reasonable prices. In addition, we offer quality and professional services from our well trained mechanics.

Benefits of CV shaft repair

  • Smooth and assured tight turns, U-turns and automatic parking
  • Easy turning of the steering wheel
  • Minimum or no noise at all when accelerating your vehicle

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