All Wheel Drive Transfer Cases

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All wheel drive transfer cases are unique to the 4-wheel drive vehicles.  The all-wheel drive transfer case is what directs power to both axles of the vehicle through two shafts.  The conventional 2-wheel drive vehicles do not require the transfer case as their driveshaft comes directly out of the transmission from the engine directly to the drive wheels.  All Wheel Drive Transfer Cases Mississauga are what help the four-wheel drive cars become stronger than the two-wheel drive models.


Where is the all-wheel drive transfer case located?

The transfer case for the four-wheel drive models is attached to the rear of the transmission unit and get its power directly from the transmission output of the engine. Power from the engine is transmitted through the transmission chamber and then gets through the transfer case to either the rear wheel or both from and rear wheels of the vehicle.

The transfer of transmission from the engine to all the wheels through the transfer case is achieved by either gears or chains depending on the chosen type of transfer case. Sometimes a transfer case might not work well with the car, and that’s when an all wheel drive transfer cases repair Mississauga specialist will advise on the best transfer case.

What does a transfer case do?

The transfer case accepts input from the engine’s transmission; when the range selector is set on Hi, the transfer case will use the highest gear ratio. The highest ratio is usually exactly 1:1 or near 1:1, the 1:1 transfer means that the input and output speed are the same in that there is no reduction in speed or torque modification. If the driver selects the 2-wheel drive mode, the transfer case will only transfer power to the rear wheels leaving the front driveshaft free of driving duties. At times the transfer unit might have problems with transferring power using the mode selected due to wear and tears in the transmission unit, and therefore it’s important to ensure the vehicle gets regular all wheel drive transfer cases service Mississauga.

Difference between all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive

On the 4-wheel drive power from the engine goes to the transfer case and the transfer case splits the power between the rear and front axles ensuring maximum torque to each wheel. This transmission method is great in that it splits power evenly. However, it becomes problematic on occasions such as turning where some wheels need to move slower than others. This is a problem that has led many to destroy their differential and axles as can be seen in many cases at the all-wheel drive transfer cases shop Mississauga.

The all-wheel drive is a modern innovation and as expected its much complicated than the four-wheel drive. There are also some all wheel drive transfer cases troubles associated with it due to its complexity. Unlike the 4-wheel drive transfer method, the all-wheel transmission mode is always on. The all-wheel transmission uses different differentials to deliver power to the wheels. It gives powers to the wheels differently based on the traction of the wheel and proves very helpful in cases such as slippery roads where the wheels are getting different amounts of grip.


For any problem with either the all wheel transfer system or the four-wheel drive system, the best advice is to visit the experts who deal with all wheel drive transfer cases fix Mississauga. Handing over such vehicles to non-experts can be very dangerous as they are very delicate.



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