Wheel Bearings

wheel bearings

Each of the wheels on a car spins on the wheel bearing. In most of the modern cars, the wheel bearing is a sealed maintenance free component that doesn’t require service. In the case of a problem and the wheel bearing needs to be repaired the whole unit is replaced. The units are easily found at the wheel bearings shop Mississauga.

Problems associated with wheel bearings?

There are two most common wheel bearing problems as seen from the many cases of wheel bearings repair Mississauga. The first issue is a wheel bearing can become very noisy due to wear and tear or sometimes even due to corrosion. Hitting a large pothole or a collision can also be a cause of wheel bearing noise.

Another problem associated with wheel bearing is the worn-out wheel bearings can cause lots of play on the car wheel. This can be very dangerous especially when driving at high speeds. To eliminate this play wheel bearings service Mississauga mechanics try and repack roller bearings with grease and make some adjustments. However, this is only possible on the serviceable type of wheel bearings, as for the maintenance-free wheel bearings the whole unit has to be replaced.

What are the symptoms of a worn-out wheel bearing?

Abnormal tire wear

It is normal for a tire to wear off after some period of usage. However, a worn-out wheel bearing can lead to tires wearing out unevenly or abnormally. The wheel bearings most often than not will not wear off evenly. Thus, the tire that shows more wear indicates a problem with its wheel bearing and might mean a trip to the wheel bearings shop Mississauga as soon as possible. However, it should be noted that not all abnormal tire wears are caused by a worn-out wheel bearing. Thus, it’s important to have a qualified mechanic check the car before the final verdict is made to replace the wheel bearings.

Roaring or grinding noises from the tire area

Sometimes it becomes so hard to detect failing wheel bearings as they seldom happen and when they do happen they happen very fast. However, a good warning sign that can show a failing wheel bearing is the loud roaring and grinding noises coming from the tire areas of the car. These noises are caused by excess heat building up inside the wheels as a result of the wheel bearing losing lubricity. The sound is metal to metal grinding, and it’s common to hear noise from one wheel and not both sides. At this point, it is important to contact a specialist  at quick wheel bearings fix Mississauga.

Vibration on the steering wheel

As we all know, the steering wheel is connected to the wheels for control of the car. In that case, a problem happening to the wheels can easily be manifested on the steering wheel.  A vibration on the steering wheel during driving can be a symptom of worn out wheel bearings. Unlike the balancing problem that is usually detected at higher speeds the steering vibration will be felt at lower speeds and progressively get worse as the car accelerates to higher speeds



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