The bearings on your wheel should not be moving and when they do know that they are loose and need to be adjusted. Loose bearings excessively wear the inner linings of the wheel. When you have excessive wear and tear make sure to visit professions for advice on what to do. How do you know that the bearings are loose? Well, just grab the lower and upper parts of the tire, shake back and forward. Hearing a clunk is a confirmation that you need to adjust the bearings.

How to know when your bearings are not properly adjusted.

  • Wheels running in a negative camber
  • Irregular wear on the inside of the tire
  • Untimely failures of wheel seals
  • ABS faulting

Now that you know of signs that tell you when the bearings in your vehicle are not well adjusted we can go ahead and scrutinize them further. However, the signs take a long time to be noticed since the bearings are within the break lining. They have to be really loose to greatly affect the entire vehicle. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your vehicle will not experience hitches.

Degradation of the breaking system

Loose bearings affect the breaking of your vehicle. The loose bearings lead to uneven wearing of the lining of the breaking system. This won’t make the truck stop when you want it to but will reduce how the break works. It may take longer for the vehicle to stop though it eventually will.

To avoid this menace make sure to contact an expert in the field when you notice your vehicle takes longer than usual to halt after applying the brakes. This could be very dangerous especially when you drive around a populated area.

ABS Fault Codes

When the inner linings of the tire wear hastily making the tone ring greatly separate from the sensors. This results turning on of the lights calling for a faulty code. For your ABS to work as expected the bearings have to be held in position to prevent the tone ring from separating from sensors. When the problem arises make sure to consult a professional who will lead you through the testing procedure and provide a solution to your loose bearings.

It is easy to tell when the ABS is faulty but not that easy to tell when the bearings are not. It takes more attention to know that the bearings are in play. Bearings are such small components of a vehicle but play a very pivotal role when it comes to breaking, transmission and ABS coding of the vehicle. Having a closer look of the bearings regularly can greatly save you money and time.

You also need to seek advice from experts. Preferably those who have experience in the industry. They know the exact type of bearing for your vehicle and where they should be fixed. Consulting an expert also has the advantage of making sure the standard procedures and measurements are considered for quality placing of the bearings and avoiding future problems with the bearings and lead to other problems like degraded brake performance.




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