Universal Joints

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Universal Joints also known as universal coupling or U-joint is a joint that allows the rod to bend or conform to any direction, normally used in shafts that allow rotational motion. It is made up of a pair of hinges located together at 90 degrees connected by a shaft.

Universal joints come in varieties. Single and double, needle roller bearings, quick release universal joints, length compensating telescopic ones, steel and stainless steel.

How your Car’s Universal Joints work

Universal joints transmit rotational power from one shaft to the next at an angle and may vary depending on the conditions. A universal joint is installed in a vehicle’s transmission system to perform the following basic functions

  • Propel shafts between longitudinal front gearbox and hind drive axle
  • Propel rear axle shaft end
  • Propel front axle drive

Universal joints move in an up-down manner when used for longitudinal placed propeller shafts and cross rear placed drive shafts. When used for front drive shaft they move in both up-down and across direction to accommodate both vertical deflection and angular movement to put in motion front wheels of the vehicle.

Special types of universal joints are out in place to absorb torque and changing speed for little noise and wear.

How to check Universal Joints

In older cars joints could be dismantled and serviced, that is checked and lubricated or replaced but in most modern cars they have been sealed for good. If the ones in your car have grease nipples check with the manufacturer the time for grease service.

The main problem with modern cars is that you can’t separate the universal joint from the propeller shaft. When the joints wear you can’t repair you have to replace them with new ones.Also when one shaft gets damaged you have to replace all the shafts.

You can easily check for wear when there is rust-colored dust around the universal joint, but if not so grip a side of the joint and try to turn the opposite side against it. If the joint is okay they should be no play at all.

You can also insert a big screwdriver between the yoke and the spider, try levering it. If there is any play take the necessary action of replacing the shaft with a new one from our service shop in Mississauga.

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Signs that your Joints need replacement

  • The prop shaft vibration increases with wear
  • Trouble in making turns or automatic parking
  • Regular knock when the car is moving
  • Rust-colored dust around the universal joint region

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